Here are the current available products for purchase. We offer delivery or pick-up on site. Please use the below guiding list to determine product will best suit your needs. To know how much you will need of one product, enter your dimensions (in Feet) in the below fields and click, Calculate. Please allow us one to two business days for delivery, weekend delivery is also available.


Best used for...

Screened top soil
Perfect for seeding 
Unscreened top soil
Perfect for filling holes 
Fill in holes, level out terrain 
0” – ¼” (sand)
Parking lots, commercial parking areas (winter) 
0” – ¾” (crusher run)
Driveway or as prep before laying patio stones, concrete blocks 
¼” – ¾” clear stone
Drainage, French drains and landscape areas 
Pea gravel ¼” – ½” chips
Walkways, driveways, playground, daycare 
Drain stone ¾” 1 ½”
Drain stone 
Roofing stone 1 ½” – 2 ¾”
4” – 8” Rip Rap
Erosion protection or gabious 
8” – 15” Rip Rap
Erosion protection 
15” – 24” Rip Rap
Erosion protection 
Tailings – Crushed sand 0” – ¼”
Under pools and walkways, crusher run 
Tailings – Clean sand
Perfect for daycares, schools and sandboxes 
Ballast Stone
Roof or railway 
Bark Mulch
Winter Sand
Highway sand (winter) 
Sand stone
Used to fill or make driveway base (road base) 
Crusher run 0” – 3”
Road base